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How to earn 10-50 Dollars Per Day from Google Adsense

| 24/10/2011 | 28 Comments


Is it possible to make ten dollars per day with Adsense program? If yes, how to achieve this target?

Google adsense is the main money-making program most of the bloggers use initially.

If you are reading this article, I assume that you are already making money online and now you want to increase your adsense income $0 to $10 per day. Most beginning blogs might earn about one dollar a year. When you have several hundred posts and are starting to attract perhaps hundred or more visitors every day, you might see as much as ten dollars per month.


But if you have a popular blog, with thousands of posts ranking high in search engines, and probably at least a thousand visitors each day, it will be able to earn $10 per day with a single blog. That means it’s totally depend on your quality traffic and search engine ranking. Once you learn how to consistently make $10 a day from the Internet you can change your goal to $20 a day and continue to increase your goal until you begin to earn a full-time income working from home.

Requirement To Make $1 Per Day From Adsense:

Your blog requires minimum 100 search engine visits and 250 Page views totally per day to reach one dollars daily.

Requirement To Make $5 Per Day From Adsense:

Your blog requires minimum 1000 search engine visits and 2500 Page views totally per day to reach five dollars daily.

Requirement To Make $10 Per Day From Adsense:

Your blog requires minimum 2000 search engine visits and 5000 Page views totally per day to reach ten dollars daily.

Requirement To Make $20 Per Day From Adsense:

Your blogs requires minimum 4000 search engine visits and 10000 Page views totally per day to reach twenty dollars daily.

Requirement To Make $20 Per Day From Adsense:

Your blog requires minimum 9000 search engine visits and 25000 Page views totally per day to reach fifty dollars daily.

High Paying Keywords Selection:

If you have high paying keyword and getting good search engine traffic for particular keyword, then may be two or three clicks enough to earn 10 dollars daily. So keywords are very important part for every blog and make money. Remember, if your blog

should high paying keywords. Your each click must bring 1-3 dollars per click, that means  you can earn $ 5 easily per day from 250 Page views.

On the other hand, If you make $10 per day from adsense, create five niche blogs then your aim of making $10 per day can be achieved by making $2 per site everyday.

Get these basic things done right and you will be on your way to making $10 a day from AdSense. With luck you could make even more.

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  1. MoviesFD says:

    You make it sound so easy :(… I get like 1-5 visitors per week.

  2. Its a great informative article.We did not know about the earing system from adsense and became fed-up.
    But now I will start from beginning.Thanks a lot.

  3. Wade says:

    Yeah, this took me awhile to figure out just how to make the money from Adsense like this. Very helpful to those who don’t know.

  4. 80zBaby says:

    I recently received a google check and was averaging $6/day. This month about $2/day ;(

    I’m at a loss and hope to get around $15/day.

    Good Luck all!

  5. Talha says:

    This article is good enough as a guide for adsense publishers but its not believable or really stupid if you say 2 or 3 clicks are enough to earn 10$ for high paying keyword

  6. yuvan says:

    Its a great informative article.We did not know about the earing system from adsense and became fed-up.
    But now I will start from beginning.Thanks a lot.THKS

  7. jean garcia says:

    Great article, i was just skimming through google on how to raise my money to at least $5 a day using adsense, and it has happened a couple of times. Now, traffic wise i get about 500 visitors daily and almost 800 on a better day.you can actually check my histats in total of all the visitors/pages at the bottom of my site, everything is as accurate as portrayed, i use webmaster tools, im indexed in google pages, submitted my sitemap and have 197 urls submitted. So alot of the traffic comes by itself (6,639 visits so far and 18,111 page views from sept. 11 to sept. 27) but i want to learn how to increase my traffic to at least make it double or tripple and eventually get to at least $20 a day.*i hope to receive a reply on the subject so long as its still active. thank you very much

    • Yes you can imptove your adsense earning just Optimizing Google AdSense Ads and place ads in your site good location you can read my post “Optimizing Google AdSense Ads And Increase Adsense Earnings”. I hope this will be helpful for you. Thanks

    • Isaac says:

      Once you have crossed the 500 daily views it is usually easy to increase, you just need to expose your posts on social media and build links to your posts through commenting

  8. Umair Butt says:

    These tips are really great for earning handsome amount. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  9. Prerna says:

    Very informative, I was thinking to apply for adsense but could not decide, now wait for sometime and then apply. thanx.

  10. Dharmendra says:

    very useful information thanks for sharing…

  11. mad.madrasi says:

    Dang, I get around 2000 pageviews a day, but earnings are lagging at around $2 a day. By your criteria, I should be doing double that -(

  12. Amit kr says:

    Well,thanks for the information..
    I am a new blogger from India and have 400 daily pageview but still I am not able to make a dollar a day… Please help me..

  13. Rayhan Islam says:

    I get 3000+ pageview per day on one of my blog and my earning is 7-12$ per day. Your calculation is almost working for me.

  14. TOHIDUL says:


  15. I have 250 unique visit per day, but the earning Only 0,3 – 0,9 $ . I try to target keywords but My revenue never increase, do you have any method to increase Adsense ?

  16. This is nice and informative.I got 50 visitor per day from search engine.But I can earn maximum 0.20 $ per day.How I can earn minimum 1$ per day.Please suggest in detail.

  17. Utpal says:

    Good article to encourage bloggers. Thank you very much.

  18. Thanks for ur information.It is very useful. I have average 100 visitors daily.but i want to increase the traffic more. can u tell me the tips and tricks..

  19. sohan says:

    Without article or search engeen google didn’t give me any $…?

  20. Raj says:

    thanx admin for priceless information keep it up

  21. nabodit says:

    Make more article like that so that new bloggers like me get idea about adsense earning.

    I have a question why my earsning/Day is dropping every time i check my adsense report. I put 3 ads in my website and also not encouraging any one to click on my ads.Help …Anyone

  22. Jammers says:

    Thanks for these tips. Hope to get more visitors to the website soon.

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