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Tribal Fusion Review | Advertisers Network

| 04/11/2011 | 2 Comments


Tribal Fusion has been online since 1998, One of the largest networks on the Internet. Tribal Fusion is a very large, digital marketing advertising, respected ad network in its fifth year of profitable growth. They also has special types of ads such as flash ads, Pop-under ads, interstitial ads, video ads and a few other types. The website Trabalfusion stands at #211 in global Alexa traffic ranking.

Tribal Fusion is pure CPM – you get paid for impressions. They are currently serves over 19 billion monthly impressions and is viewed by over 160 million unique visitors. Tribal Fusion shares 55% of their revenue to publishers.They have a 50 dollar minimum payout by check only.


Tribal fusion deals with a wide range of channels including, reference and education, business, automotive, consumer electronics, movies,  travel, women, news, health sports,  mobile devices, consumer electronics, teen, parenting, entertainment and arts, information technology,  Hispanic pc console games and many more. It offers quality sites.


Site Requirements:

Tribal Fusion do not accept pornography, Sex or otherwise adult-oriented content so your contant must have highly relevant, regularly updated and targeted content for which the publisher is directly responsible

Publishers website must have minimum of 500,000 unique visitors per month. That means 16000 visitors per day.

Your domain must be a Top-level domain URL

Attractive, professional and good looking site design


If you can fulfill these requirements you can easily get a account with Tribal Fusion & their representative will contact you.


Finally, I have never heard anyone complain about Tribal Fusion. If your site is primarily regulars, Tribal Fusion or another CPM based network might be just right. If you can fulfill these requirements you can easily get a account with Tribal Fusion and since they dont offer any Referral option, You can Sign up here.

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  1. Nice review. They are good network but only thing is difficult approval.

  2. jason says:

    I want to be an advertiser in the network but seem like it’s hard with it’s high requirement. What’s your expect to be approved into the network and how much per 1k CPM? Any idea?

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