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Microworker paid to work | How to Make Money from Microworkers

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Freelanching site “Microworkers” is an International online micro jobs platform that connects workers & Employers from around the world. unique work from home opportunity for everyone on the net.

Well for student:
Everyday you can work 2-3 hour, you earn easily a good amount. Employers/Microworkers that a task paid is a task successfully done,you will get $0.10 to $2 for every complete task. The microworkers is the best way to make money for micro freelancers.

This site well for student and every kind of employer. after few minutes a new work get this site. when you did not like any work on your choice,you can click the refresh button,you can see a new job on the available job list.

Microworkers Bonus:
Sign up here and you automatically receive a $1 sign-up bonus to your account.  When you refer someone to Microworkers through your referral link you earn $1 referral bonus.  So that you can start using Microworkers.com immediately!.

Payment Option:
When your account rech $9+ fee=10 usd you can choose a withdrawal method between Moneybookers,Palpal or Alertpay.

Is MicroWorkers.com scam ?
Microworkers payment system is unique. My friend Sujon is working here and earning $1/day or $30/month per month.He said me that “Microworkers NOT a scam.” So dear friends Lets see. I hope you will earn more than him per month.

Free Sign up as a microworkers click here

List of Microworkers alternatives:
There are some sites which pay for small jobs. You can try

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4 Responses to “Microworker paid to work | How to Make Money from Microworkers”

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    You may also like to check e-jobber.com , is as microworkers but we have one great feature : if you are employer and you are not satisfied about the prof submited by worker you can give JOB NOTCOMPLETE and put an message to the worker.Now worker can complete and submit again prof.Also they have 3$ sign up bonus.

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