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What is Blogsvertise? Make Money with Blogsvertise affiliate program

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What is Blogsvertise?
Get paid to blog advertising platform where bloggers are paid to write sponsored reviews on their blog and advertisers promote their sites. I highly recommend signing up. Its free, they do pay and you have nothing to lose.

Blogsvertise is one of the most trusted and most reliable get-paid-to blog websites. Blogsvertise also have an affiliate program for publishers which give them an extra opportunity to earn money by referring new advertisers in their network.

There are two ways to make money directly from this program.

1, As a blogger/ publisher you get paid to write review. Read more details here

2, Earn money as a blogsvertiser advertising affiliate.

But here we talk about Make Money with Blogsvertise affiliate program.

My personal experience of making money online with their affiliate program has been really good. To become a affiliate you must first register here as a advertiser or blogger, then retrieve your affiliate referral tracking code. Using this program you can earn passive income by referring new advertisers to the system.

In order to refer new advertisers you must use a proper advertiser affiliate tracking url. You can earn up to 15-20% of new purchases made by any advertisers you refer. For example if an advertiser you refer spends one hundred-dollar you will receive twenty-dollar.

Note: BlogsVertise is not scam, it’s just another program to get an extra income from your blog but is not the fastest on the payments.

For Advertisers, Blogsvertise is an blog advertising service that was created for advertisers.  Blogsvertise also acts as a trusted payment service between advertisers and thousands of bloggers who are willing to accept advertising on their blogs. It builds your SEO link building efforts and promotes your blog or website in search engines.

Overall, It’s an excellent way to build some residual income! So what you are waiting for ? You need to register before you can start referring. To Join their affiliate program simply click here

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