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Placing Joomla Uncategorized Articles

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Joomla 1.5 now has a wonderful filtering system for only viewing articles you want, it becomes very easy to overlook your uncategorized articles and you are going to build some of those as well, because you need some pages outside the structure of your site. Pages inside a category have the advantage of getting the category keywords in the URL.

At the bottom of the page you get the “next” and “previous” links for pages included in that category. These last options can be of benefit for your readers.

Pages in the uncategorized section will be, for example, your disclaimer and privacy statement. You can use the uncategorized section to contain other pages—

such as contact details, or directions to your store. These pages are not in the main categories of your site structure. Non-category pages will not have any section and/or category keywords in the URL. If you are working with advertising services such as AdWords, you might use such pages for highly focused landing pages. Personally, 1 prefer using the pages in a keyword-rich category.

The pages such as disclaimer and privacy statement will get a special code to keep them out of the search engine indexes, as they are mandatory for any web site, but should not get too much emphasis even thought they are linked to on every web page of your site.

To ensure this, we go to the Metadata Information screen and put in the Robots field the line noindex, nofollow. This means the search engines should not include that page in their index, that is, their robots should neither follow the link to that page nor follow any links on the page.

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