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Making money with twitter

| 02/06/2011 | 3 Comments


Make money with Twitter is easy if you have enough follwers

Making Big Money On Twitter ? Personally, I haven’t really made any big money on Twitter but my friends make a good money using twitter.

Realy is it possible? the most important thing to make money from your Twitter account is your followers. With a lot of followers, you can really make lots of money.you can start making the $100 to $500 an hour I talked about in the easiest way to make money with Twitter post.

Join Now:

Your Twitter account should be at least 60 days old before applying to Sponsored Tweets as most advertisers simply will not buy tweets from any accounts that are younger than that. you can join by clicking here

How Does it Works:

Sponsored Tweets send regular offers to me, if I accept f I accept an ad to run on Twitter, then write a short tweet and submit it. If the advertiser accepts the ad it will then auto post to my Twitter account.

Monitor The Competition:

Wondering if your paid tweet price is too high or too low? You can find out by checking out your competition. Sponsored Tweets gives you a recommend price when you first sign up.


Make A withdrawals:

  • Your Twitter account must be at least 60 days old, have at least 50 followers and 100 status updates.
  • Your account balance of at least $50.00 (you will be able to withdraw earlier with a $2.00 fee).
  • Wait at least 14 days from the first time you were paid.
  • Must have a balance above $2.00, the early withdrawal fee amount.

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