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Welcome to my personal page. This page will give you some information about me and my blog www.EarningFair.com

I’m Rony, Director of “Banglahili.com” and a part time blogger from Dinajpur, Bangladesh. earning few hundred dollars every month from my blog and Network marketing. Blog earnings just only from ad networks which should work for you also.

I registered my first domain back in 2009 without knowing what I’m doing. When I started my first blog, most of my readers asked me to teach them how to become a professional blogger, most of all, they wanted to learn how to blog?

I became a serious part time blogger by June 2011 and started earning considerable amounts from internet. I created this blog to share my small experience about webmaster skills, link building, internet marketing, search engine optimization, affiliate marketing, social marketing and ad networks to help part time and full time bloggers in increasing traffic with earnings. This blog will be my complete case study of making money from blog for part time bloggers.

Now as I started receiving about 1000 – 4000 unique visitors a day from all of my blogs, I deployed Google adsense again. This time the results were quite different.

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. I’m sure you will love the contents of this blog. You can either contact me on mail@earningfair.com

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